Finally getting back to reading like a voracious book worm

I have always loved to read. Growing up I went through every book I could get my hands on in the house. I loved going to the public library and the school libraries both in grade school and high school. To this day I still enjoy wandering through book stores even if I don’t have any particular book in mind that I want to buy. There is something about books and loosing myself in the story.

Unfortunately I have had a long hiatus from reading seriously. I can’t really explain why but I just stopped reading for a really long time. I used to run through a book every couple of weeks. It didn’t matter if it was a short paperback sci-fi or a robust 1000 page plus epic fantasy. I was never without a book. It didn’t matter if I was at work or at home. A book was a constant companion. And while I have had a book with me throughout last year and even now, I found that it took me months to get through one.

Having realized this I have decided to make a change. And while it might sound insane, I am currently in the process of reading five different books. Some I am in the middle of reading. Some I just started. And the great thing is that I am already making an expansive list of books that I am planning on reading once I get through any of the five books I am reading now. (And no I am not planning on reading any more than five at a time.)

Being a writer means that you really need to read. Not just read things in your genre but in as many different genres as possible. It helps keep you current on what is out there. It helps show you different ways of doing things or not doing things. It helps expand your world in ways that are mind-blowing. It helps connect you with the writing community. And above all else it is food for your soul. A writer is a storyteller. A storyteller should always love a good story. We eat, breath, drink, sleep, dream, walk, talk and exist in stories.

I will get a widget up with my Goodreads account to keep everyone up to date on what I am reading and my progress. And I will definitely be posting some reviews. When you find a great book you should spread the word. For right now here are the books that I am reading:(In no particular order)

The World Without Us by Alan Weisman

The Singular Exploits of Wonder Mom & Party Girl by Marc Schuster

Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey by Chuck Wendig

Not Before Bed by Craig Hallam

Picking Up the Ghost by Tone Milazzo

What are you reading? Or suggest to read?

3 Responses to “Finally getting back to reading like a voracious book worm”
  1. Pete Denton says:

    I have difficulty sometimes just reading the one book so having 5 on the go would blow my mind! I’m reading Oscar Wilde at the moment, which is completely out of my comfort zone. I’ve just got into it after a slow start. I agree that writers need to read more. I’m trying :)

    • The only reason I can make it work is I try to avoid reading two books in the same genre at the same time. That would just make my brain want to explode. And I try to make sure a couple of them are non-fiction too. Kind of like taking different classes in college.

      I’ve got to say I am impressed that you are reading Oscar Wilde. I wouldn’t be able to read anything else but him if he was on the list right now. That would definitely be too much. Good on you!

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