6000 words in a week… Or rather a story in a week that happens to be 6000 words…

A short update on my current foray into short fiction. My first short project is moving forward. Granted a bit slower than I had originally wanted it to. But it is moving forward no less. I have the basic ideas in place for my first 6000 word story and I have decided to put all the hard work I did brainstorming about The Man with the Devil’s Matchbook to good use. That is right, this is going to be a short story based on ideas that all grew out of a simple plain matchbook. Not that you would recognize it as such now. Or maybe you would.

My basic idea is that of a police procedural type mystery but with a heavy magic spin. I am liking the ideas that I had before about having magic be a course of study and semi-common place. Well as common as quantum physics in everyday life. That might be a big challenge in and of itself but I think it will be fun figuring it all out. My main character is still very basic and hopefully I will get him fleshed out soon. I plan on hitting the writing hard in the second hald of this week. (Yes I know that starts tomorrow.) I know that 6000 words should only take me five hours total to write at my top speed. So wish me luck. And if you really want to help… send coffee.

One Response to “6000 words in a week… Or rather a story in a week that happens to be 6000 words…”
  1. Marc Schuster says:

    Good luck with it! I’ll brew a pot of coffee in you honor!

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