Finding the purpose of your characters

Over this weekend I finally hit my next mile marker for the revisions of Max Bear. I finally got all of my characters sorted out and a character card written out on all of them.  And while some of them still have a very sparse description block, the big and most important part of them … Continue reading

Characters in your story: Tracking down the usual suspects

I just finished the read through of my Detective Max Bear novel first draft. And I have to admit there are parts that I sat back stunned when seeing them for the first time since finishing the draft in November of last year. Some of those stunning parts made me think “Wow, I wrote that? … Continue reading

Writing Prompt #64: The Good, The Bad and The Downright Criminal

Good afternoon from NaNoWriMo Land! It is day two in the great race to 50,000 words and I am taking a brief break from work and my writing in order to get a thought out of my head. Can’t have it buzzing around in their distracting me while I write. So I am going to … Continue reading

Regina Spektor- Hero

I am the hero of this story. I don’t need to be saved. Excerpt from the lyrics of Hero by Regina Spektor Something that caught my brain and I try to remember when writing. Not all secondary characters need to be saved, often they are the heroes of their own story.

Writing Prompt #36 Let’s go fly a kite! Also known as Kite Day by Simon Burrow

Kite Day by Simon Burrow. You can find Simon’s amazing photography at Dark Halide Photography. I find myself looking through his pictures often for inspiration. Luckily, he has agreed to let me use his pictures for my writing prompts so that you all might be able to have a bit of that inspiration that I experience … Continue reading

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