Crazy hectic fun! Got to love it when your schedule gets turned on its ear

So needless to say my schedule has completely changed at work. And with the change has come the difficulty of finding time to write and to blog. All of my normal time that I used to have at work to write my posts have changed and/or completely gone away. This is completely because I have … Continue reading

Balancing work with writing

Recently I have had a multitude of long meetings at work coupled with starting two new college classes. Needless to say, my writing has suffered significantly. If you have been paying attention to my posting schedule I have been late the last couple days and missing my normal posting amounts. Which is frustrating. I completely … Continue reading

When your normal routine isn’t normal does it affect your writing?

One of the things that I noticed over the last few weeks is that as my days didn’t follow a normal routine, my writing suffered. This made no sense at first. You’d think that not having to go to work or having short days at work would give me more time to write. Having the … Continue reading

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